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There are both kids and adult level joke books. They all sell like crazy! Finding and assembling jokes has been hard in the past, but there is no more concern about that now.

Joke Book Mastery comes pre-loaded with thousands of jokes!
You don't have to scrounge around scratching your head how to be funny. I did all the heavy lifting for you!

Who doesn't like jokes?

They are entertaining for all ages. There are many types of jokes too! Knock-knock jokes, one-liners, dad jokes, would you rather jokes.

There are so many ways to make money in this niche! And fun!

Dad jokes are a huge category of all kinds of jokes whether the dad is in them or not. These books sell like crazy on Amazon.

Then there are the kid joke books which make gobs of money!

It's pretty awesome to think of being in this niche, now that it is easy!

Don't wait! This market is so ridiculously easy to get into! Joke books are easy to make. Just be sure not to go into laughing fits while putting them together!

Joke books are profitable!

The leading books in this market are making  hundreds and thousands of dollars each and every month.

You can create these books in any trim size, and even as ebooks!

Here are some of the better selling joke books on Amazon:
  • Dad Jokes
        Corny, silly, short. Can be about anything.
        "Why did the tailor get fired? He wasn't a good fit."
        "Why couldn't the bicycle stand up by itself? It was two tired!"
  • Knock-Knock Jokes
        What is there to say? Everyone knows what these are!
        "Knock, knock. Who's There? Tank. Tank Who? You're welcome!"
        "Knock, knock. Who's There? Lettuce. Lettuce who? Lettuce in and you'll find out!"
  • One-Liners
        Short 'gotcha' jokes that will have you rolling in tears of joy
        "I can totally keep secrets. It's the people I tell them to that can't."
        "What do lawyers wear to court? Lawsuits!"
  • Would You Rather
        Gives a tough choice. What would you do?
        "Would you rather walk to work in heels or drive to work in reverse?"
        "Would you rather master a musical instrument or have a photographic memory?"


  Jump into the crazy profitable joke book market

  Pre-loaded with thousands of jokes

  Great for kids and adult joke books

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If for any reason you are not satisfied with this product,
you may return it for a full refund, within 30 days of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions
What type of computer do I need?
Doesn't matter. The only thing required is a connection to the internet. This is a cloud based membership website.

I don't know anything about joke books. Will this work for me?
Of course! No previous knowledge is needed. Everything you need to learn is explained in easy to consume video training.

Does this come with commercial rights?
Yes! Any jokes, riddles, or other content generated with Joke Book Mastery comes with full commercial rights. Use in your books, printables, POD products, etc. Any wording you see about personal rights just refers to the software and the training videos.

Are these jokes okay for kids?
Absolutely! The joke market for kids is huge! For all ages of kids, and for all adults too. Just review the jokes first and use your discretion to see which are appropriate for the age group.

Are these large print?
That is up to you. Joke Book Mastery provides the funny content. However you then format the content in a layout program of choice. Most people use Canva. Any program in which you can place text and add images is fine, such as Word, PowerPoint, PhotoShop, etc.

What do I do with the jokes? Do I create books to sell on Amazon? Can I sell these on Etsy?
The best market is to make books to sell on Amazon. However you can sell them anywhere.

Where are these jokes from? Are they original? Will I have the same jokes as everyone else?
I have a source of several thousand jokes. Many of these jokes are commonly used in many books and websites. The approach is to go for a certain look. This is what differentiates the best selling books from the mediocre ones. The jokes are mostly the same. The formatting, trim size, and cover are key to successful sales.

Are there any upsells?
There is one upsell that you will see next after the purchase. It is additional training to create MadLib style word games, and training on how to write your own original jokes!

What about using artificial intelligence to create jokes? Is this in the training? Is this okay to do?
The basic jokes come from a database of thousands that are built into the system. These are not AI generated. However there is also training how to use ChatGPT to create jokes.

The use of AI generated content is fairly new and companies are putting policies in place about their use. Amazon recently put in place a question during the book setup of whether the content is AI generated. They have not indicated you cannot use AI generated content. They are simply gathering information about the use.

My personal feeling is that this hardly matters at all for jokes. Jokes are so short that it's not possible for the 'oddness' of AI generated content to appear in what the AI programs create. As such I do show in the training about reviewing and editing the jokes. It's important to review any AI generated content to see if it reads in a natural way that a human would write.

How can I get help or if I have more questions?
Click here to contact the support desk

Make your purchase decision wisely!

There is no promise, guarantee, or representation that you will make any money, or not lose money, as a result of using Joke Book Mastery

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